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This is info about Rays as a person

Hello friend (or not..) I’m Rays :D I really love drawing, and I hope that one day I will be able to see my art and think that it’s the best in the world *^* It’s my number one priority!!

The things I like are within the ‘anime’ range, I like watching it, I loveee vocaloid/utauloid and other j-pop, and my drawings are all anime centric. I like audio in general, and tech things, I am considered kinda good with tech and I think it’s really cool *^* (but don’t ask me about how to fix things, I’m not that good orz)

As much as I love technology and the internet, which is most associated with it (right?) I don’t go online that often because said Internet distracts me from my art.. I always am drawing but I don’t upload like in my first year on da because I find that I draw better when I feel like it’s for myself, (not to sound greedy >.<) and I can appreciate it for being mine and I won’t be comparing it or anything. You know? Also, I have actually taken that mentality that if I don't like my drawing, I wont post it instead of whining about it. :/

Back to that breif mention of vocaloid and utauloid.. I REALLY LOVE IT. REALLY REALLY REALLY, I BOUGHT A VOCA, TRIED (and failed) TO MAKE AN UTAU, I ALSO OBSESS OVER UTAITE, REOL IN SPECIFIC. ODORITE ARE COOL TOO. In the end I am an insane vocaloid/utauloid/utaite/odorite fangirl.

I also get scared pretty easily and my personality? umm.. I guess I don’t talk about serious things like, at all, and for the most part I joke around. But my jokes are really bad lmao ( ´ ▽ ` )b

AND I LOVE MIKI wWOW she's my favorite Vocaloid oAo <33


Do you thank people for faves/watches/llamas? 

4 deviants said I thank people for only one of those
2 deviants said I just return the favor
2 deviants said I do not thank people for any of them
1 deviant said Sometimes I thank people for them
No deviants said I thank people for only two of those
No deviants said I thank people for all of those

This is technical stuff about Rays as an artist

I use the program Paint Tool SAI to draw, I consider myself a digital artist because I almost never draw on paper apart from doodles and there is no traditional art in my gallery, I do appreciate both mediums equally. I now use Mac OS X and a Windows 7 Virtual Desktop and a Wacom Bamboo tablet (CTL-470)

I reply late usually, I’m not online very often so I don’t get distracted. But I always reply to everything :D I also record my drawing process and post the sped-up videos on Youtube using this account:…
(Even less active on Youtube but I reply faster, also I am switching programs and won’t be doing much anywhere until I get it orz)

My tablet is a Wacom Bamboo and it's lived for like three years and I've replaced the cable like that many times too orz Went through two pens, because I have this one dog that does dog stuff and destroyed it. I can do spanish a little and english, not yet japanese but I am taking formal lessons.

I can perfectly understand English and Spanish, I can reply in English but my Spanish is pretty shaky without translate.. I also have a really basic understanding of Japanese, I can’t read almost any Kanji but I can read all Hiragana and working on Katakana, taking private lessons, and I can form basic sentences but don’t try to make a full length conversation in Japanese with me please o.o

This part, is looked over mostly but if you do happen to look here before commenting or noting, please know that I don’t do requests/commissions/point commissions/art trades. I never like the product and I can’t stand making people uncomfortable. Not to mention I get just a bit stressed.. I do kiribans sometimes though c<



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